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Stanley Cushion Grip 2 Screwdriver

Long Reach, Comfortable and Secure

Fixed Screwdriver Bars

- Forged
- Shoulder grind
- Face grind
- Can be magnetic, black oxide, or blasted

- Coated to prevent rust
- Lacquer
- Black oxide
- Nickel plate
- Chrome
- Can be mill finished, tumbled, blasted or polished
- Fully heat treated bar for toughness & strength

- Allows extra torque to be applied with a wrench when necessary
- Stops bar push-through when struck

- Two wings are formed in the blade at the handle end:
- These cut into the hole of the handle when driven in under pressure and prevent the bar turning inside the handle.

Screwdriver Handle
- Handle materials impervious to chemicals
- Tip identification
- Shape/texturing for grip and mechanical advantage
- Small diameter for speed turning

Tip Differences
Slotted Tip Differences
SLOTTED Screwdrivers are referred to by their Blade Length and Tip Configuration.
Flared Tip: The strongest, for heavy-duty\
Cabinet Tip: Used when fitting into counter bore

Phillips & Pozidriv
Referred to by a Number Point
smallest = 0 point to largest = 4 point

- Screws have 4 recessed cross ‘slots’ tapered conically.
- Driver Tip has 4 tapered wings separated by 4 hollow flutes.

POZIDRIV (common in Europe)
- Screws have 4 recessed parallel cross ‘slots’ and, also, a square recess at the centre.
- Driver Tip has 4 straight parallel wings and between each wing is a square-section rib to fit the screw centre. 

Key Features:
- Improved ergonomic design for maximum grip and torque
- Ergonomically designed, bi-material handles for maximum comfort and for greater torque to be applied with less effort
- Chrome vanadium blade with tough hardened black oxide tips
- Nickel-plated bar for corrosion resistance
- High quality, heat treated plated bars for lasting “pro” performance and rust resistance

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